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If you are starting an event, trying to grow your event, or looking to sell your event then we have solutions that get results. 

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Building Successful Events Since 2003
We know the struggle of getting your own event off the ground, because we have also done it for many years. Having started multiple events from a concept to a successful businesses, we can help you avoid the common mistakes that get people stuck!

Event Advice

Think you have a good idea or concept, but aren’t really sure if you should follow through with it?

Logistics Planning

We can help you get your event organized and on track so that you can be ensured of success.

Safe And Secure

We know public safety and risk managment. We can help you run a safe and secure event.

Event Management Made Easier

The stress on event day can be unbearable because there is so much uncertainty.  We want to help you focus your energy and drive in the right places to maximize your effort.

Over 20 years of Emergency Services Experience

Who has to be involved when you are putting on a new event? It is a simple question to a complex problem. Most people don’t understand the challenges of organizing multi jurisdictional, multi level events. We have dealt with serious emergency problems many times.  Although your event may not be life and death, when you have a well planned event it can help ensure that it goes off seamlessly, and that everyone goes home happy.

Average number of events a year


Average growth per event

You Event is More Than Just an Idea

Have you ever wondered what makes a truly great and memorable event? We know what works and what doesn’t. You don’t want your attendees going away feeling that they won’t come back. Let us help you get you pointed in the right direction so that you can run a fun, safe and well organized event.

The Right Choice

We know that you think your event is a great idea and you want some professionals come and make it happen. We can do that. We can also coach you through the process as well. Reach out and give us a call. We enjoy speaking to people who are passionate about their ideas.

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Events We Have Worked On

These are a sampling of the events that we have been involved with. Events are about planning and preparation. We can help you.

Who We Work With

  • Business Owners
  • Municipalities
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Brands and Agencies
  • Successful People Like You!

Who We Are

Get your event started with a clear focus and direction. We have the knowledge and experience to help you go from unfocused and overwhelmed to organized and confident.
Mark Arnold

Mark Arnold

Operations / Marketing

Heather Korol

Heather Korol

Logistics and Planning

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

“We were looking at adding an event to our existing business, but we just weren’t sure how to get it started.” After working with Heather and Mark, we found the process fun and easy, and we got our event off the ground. The event was a great addition to our business, and the event is still running to this day!” 

Andrea Savard

Co-Owner, Reebok CrossFit Firepower

“Everyone has ideas, but there are few people who can take an idea that was written on a napkin in a pub and execute it and bring it to life. That is exactly what Hark Events did for an idea we had. They helped us avoid the mistakes using their experience and knowledge and because of this our event was a great success in the first year!”

Chris Fenlon - MacDonald

Physical Literacy , Calgary Board of Education

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